A Hero

A hero is someone 
Someone Above 
Someone for you 
To make you smile 
The hero is the one for you 
No close to zero 

A hero is someone who’s kind. 
Blind or purposefully.
Someone who never hurts. 
Rather someone to keep you out of the outskirts…. with their kindness. 
It ain’t blindness kindness. 
They know. 
But they still go the extra mile.
For when you are as low as bile they warm you up and take a stoop, 
showing their kindness, right to you 

A hero is someone inspiring. 
Someone to make you go transpiring. 
With hopes to keep you high. 
Stayed on the upper. 
Making your dream banzai. 
With hopes to inspire. 
A hero is someone who cares. 
Someone who dares go the path for you. 
Someone who skips their bath to care to you. 
With dreams in share. Hopes to flare. To make dreams come true By caring for you. 

A hero is someone who understands. 
Someone who knows, and does reassure. 
Someone who goes indeed to fervour and understand. 
With hopes not to strand you alone but brand you with themselves hand by hand. 
For when they just hear you out and the world ain’t bland 
You know for a fact that they understand. 

A hero. 
A hero is someone who understands 
Someone who cares 
Someone who’s kind 
Someone who’s inspiring. 
Someone, who’s your friend. 
And if they are all this 
If it is indeed so true 
Then you’ll feel the hue, of a true hero too. 

-By Ishan Khambete
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