Editorial – Aug 2019

Dear Friends,

Its just about a month more of the dog days of summer. We know all of you are having a relaxed schedule of some fun outdoor activities and bonding time with family and friends.

We got a few responses from amongst us for our kids edition of AMM_Ashayghan Blog. We know some of you may have been traveling and having other plans that kept you away from contributing your articles. No worries at all… there is still time to send your articles. We will publish a part 2 of this edition which you and your peers can still take the time to read before the hustle and hassle of school routine begins.

In the meantime, you may want to find out why Avanti ( Khare ) calls herself “Vaguely Indian”…a SHAPESHIFTER ! 🙂 …and if you find yourself rushing to google …she is going to give you her short take on it…read along.
It may resonate with some of you while others may wonder what ARE these identities anyhow? It may also inspire you to pen your own thoughts about what you would like to call yourself …perhaps ?

Ishan ( Khambete ) gets maturely philosophical for his teen years in his poem HERO. The mindspace of poet is quite an enigma. That is why poems are very open to interpretation. Ishan talks about “someone above” and he also talks about “dreams becoming banzai”. What exactly does he mean ? If you’d like to know please feel free to send him your curious questions

Last but not the least Ahiri and Kaveri ( Garde ) have compiled a short and sweet record for their multifaceted dad…who recently was nominated for BMM awards in Dallas TX and won for his valuable contributions and outstanding achievements in science, technology and education. Congratulations once again !!!

With love
Preeti and Rohit 
AMM Ashayghan blog editors 2019-20